Staying in a barbarian stronghold: Fjörukráin Viking Village

door Johannes Baas

Anyone thinking that the Vikings died out long ago is very much mistaken. In the shadow of Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland – a revival of this barbaric warrior folk is taking place. In Viking Village-Fjorukrain in the pleasant village of Hafnarfjördur the warriors go through their initiation, are fed a hearty meal and spend time relaxing. Enter into this barbarian stronghold!


TweepersoonskamerVisitors travelling to Reykjavik from Keflavik Airport cannot fail to notice the Viking Village situated alongside the main through road. The traditional Viking-style architecture with its dark wooden panelling, coupled with the crystal-clear waters of the nearby harbour, cries out for attention. Guests are welcomed by a Viking god posted at the entrance to the village.

The hotel has three floors – including the ground floor which Icelanders count as the first floor. After checking in at the reception, guests can use the lift to reach their floor. A handy keycard system is used to access the rooms.

Guests can choose from 42 fully furnished rooms, with 12 single rooms, 24 double rooms (eight of which can accommodate three guests and one which has room for four guests) and three suites with modern facilities.

The second floor is the largest, with most of the rooms and the cleaning facilities. Guests are welcome to relax in the cosy lounge area, read a book or chat to fellow guests. Those wanting to smoke or catch a breath of fresh air can go on to the balcony which is accessed by a door at the end of the landing. A similar lounge area is available on the third floor. This floor is decorated in a more modern style which gives it a tidier feel.


Visitors needing to build up their strength after the arduous journey are welcome at the two excellent restaurants in Viking Village: the Viking Restaurant and the Fjaran Restaurant. They both have a varied menu with high-quality dishes. The evening can be ended in the Viking Bar, a dark hole where the barbarian lurking beneath the surface of the guests comes to life.

The small hotel in Hafnarfjördur is probably quite unique in the country with its personal service, traditional decor and magnificent surroundings. The accommodation also has a number of luxury facilities including a sauna and geothermal hot tub. In the shadow of the busy and vivacious city of Reykjavik visitors from all over the world come to relax in the world of the Vikings. And for visitors who want a little more excitement – Viking Village makes a perfect base for exploring the Icelandic hot spots, such as the Blue Lagoon, the lava fields of Krýsuvík and the geysers in Geysír.

Viking Village plays host to the famous annual Viking Festival. During this festival visitors travel centuries back in time and experience the traditional costume, lifestyle and rituals of the Vikings. Anyone planning a visit to the Reykjavik area around 10 June is welcome to come and experience this barbarian festival.

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